Kite Camp Mauritius is able to provide with a wide range of different cars according to our client’s needs with prices starting as from 15EUR per day.


  We provide small cars with automatic T/M, Hybrid Technology cars and Pick Ups with manual T/M for surf gear transportation. 


 Car delivery/drop off to/from the airport - 20EUR one way 


Transfer to/from airport - 40EUR one way

Transfer to/from airport by mini bus - 50EUR one way

Long term (30 days +) 15 EUR per day

Short term year 20 EUR per day

Nissan March old fassion

Toyota Aqua hybrid 2014 of similar

Short term - 30 EUR per day

Long term - 25 EUR per day

Nissan Navara or similar

Short term  - 35 EUR per day (below 2010)

Short term  - 60 EUR per day (above 2010)

Long term (30 days +) 25 EUR per day (below 2010)

Long term (30 days +) 45 EUR per day (above 2010)

Short term - 25 EUR per day

Long term - 20 EUR per day

Nissan March new

Car rent in Mauritius