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Kite camp mauritius 


If there is not enough wind for kite lessons, Kite Camp Mauritius invites you to discover the beauty of Mauritius hiking around the island, swimming in waterfalls and climbing the mountains. We can also organize a boat trip to watch the dolphins in Tamarin Bay, snorkel around Crystal Rock or do some fishing. There are the most popular roots mentioned below. We will organaze any individual trip for you with great pleasure as well!

Hike 7 Cascades Tamarin Water Falls

The name of excursion is talking for itself - its a picturesque hike down 7 cascadea waterfalls of Tamarin. Each waterfall creates magnificatf view and unic scebery! Some waterfalls can be a nice fresh shower for you and the most brave tourist can mace a jump from 7m waterfall!

Sport shoes, water and mosquito cream are required. For children above 7.

35 EUR

Hike Le Morne Brabant

Dalphin Watching

Hike Le Pouce

The most famous hike for the kite surfers is to Me Morne Brabant mountain. its a magnificent view to the kite lagoon and all wave reefs of Le Morne region. From the top of the mountain that is 556m high you can see the famous underwater waterfall. And our guyed will tell you interesting facts about flora and fauna of Mauritius and even introduce you to some legends of the island and Brabant.

35 EUR

La Pouce - that means the thump, is the third highest peak of Mauritius and is 812m high. The mountain got its name because of the shape, that looks exactly like a thump looking up in the sky. We recommend this hike for all the family as even children can do it due to east track. From the top of the mountain you can see the beauty all four sides of the island at a time. Also you will see the legend of Mauritius, famous Peter Both mountain.

35 EUR

Dolphin watching is one of the most beautiful morning boat excursion! It starts with sun rise around 6 a.m when the games of dolphins come to Tamarin Bay. You can watch thousands of dolphins around your boat! if you want to swim with dolphins, take a snorkeling gear and jump into the water! After a nice swim you can rest at Benitier island and snorkel around famous Chrystal Rock to see the fish and the corals of Indian ocean.

50 EUR