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Kite camp mauritius 

Kite Freestyle

Kite freestyle lessons are held on the flat water of Kite Lagoon at Le Morne. Shallow water is perfect play ground for fast progression in kite old school and new school freestyle. We recommen you to go for kite freestyle lessons only if you can constantly go upwind, make turns and jibes and can easily manevr between the other riders.

Kite Freestyle - prices for lessons

Only private tution - 80EUR per hour

8h and more - 70EUR per hour

What tricks you can learn:

Hooked in:

Basik jump with and without kite lift

Different variations of jumps with grab


Back Roll rotation

Front Roll rotation


Dark Slide



Basik ralley

S band and variations

Back Roll unhooked

Surface pass from front and back rotations

Ralley to Blind


And other tricks at your request!