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Kite camp mauritius 

Kite wave

For wave riding lessons there are numerous reef breaks in Mauritius of different level of kite riders. We held our wave riding kite lessons at the reef breaks of Le Morne. Small reef and little waves inside the lagoon are perfect for beginners who never experienced wave riding at all. Manawa with its big and slow waves is a super nice spot for progression in wave riding. Its quite forgiving and not dangerous in case of the wash. One Eye is the wave for really experienced riders! Its fast and steep and even can turn into tubes. Do not fall from this wave if u don't want to skratch your back!

Kite Wave - prices for lessons

Only private tution - 80EUR per hour

8h and more - 70EUR per hpur


Boat guidence - 100EUR per hour (unlimited reaque, photographer can be taken for extra fee)


Resque by boat (if no boat guidence):

50EUR inside the reef

100EUR outside the reef