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Kite and surf spots at Le Morne

Dear Guests of Mauritius Kite Camp! Our team provides kite lessins in Le Morne kite lagoon to the South-East of Mauritius island next to La Gaulette village. We offer you different packages of kite lessons in group and individually. All our instructors are certified with IKO license и and have a big experience of teaching at the kite spots of Mauritius and all over the world.

For those who want not only learn kitesurf but also redy to buy his onwn kite gear, we offer the Pack Kite Promo that includes free kite lessons if buying a kite gear set.

For those who did not decide yet how much he wants to be a kitesurfer and wants only to try kiteboarding, we offer complet course for beginners - Kite Beginner

For thouse who are already experienced independant riders, we offer Kite Freestyle course that can be Old School hooked in or New School unhooked, depening on your skills and request.

And for the most brave and experienced riders we offer Kite Wave riding course staples along reef breaks of Mauritius. During the course you will also manage to make your first strapless jump.

Kite Promo

Kite Beginner

Kite Freestyle

Kite Wave

After any course you can get a Kiteboarder certificate absolutly for free!