Surf lessons is a good alternative to kite sessions in no wind days. Mauritius is very good surf spot with different kinds of waves for beginners to advanced level. It is mostly famous for its reef breaks at Le Morne such as Small reef, which is a safe surf spot with deep water and small waves for beginners, One eye – a surf spot with shallow water, fast and big waves for advanced riders, Manawa, Shamo, Anker and some other reef breaks for different levels of progression.

Beginner's group course (2-3 per)-

EUR 60.00 for 2h session;


Beginner's private course - EUR 100.00

for 2h session.


Boat is not included!

Surf lessons

Board rental 1 day - EUR 25.00


Board rental 1 week - EUR 100.00


Board rental 1 month - EUR 250.00


Boat to the reef - EUR 15 round trip

Surf board rental